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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Isn't it easy to forget the past

How is that easy
to forget the past!
when time repeats itself seldom
marking the feeling
makes every 'buddy'
humid hemisphere
then how's that easy
to forget the past.


When the words
their meaning
on there own

When the sound
whisper by its own
vizile, though contracts
bang the unity of style

When movement
gets striken by the mover
as are the conclusions to be furnished
there goes something beetween the lines
for me
it's the

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feel sunshine

when you feel sunshine
you become the most divine
who will get-up and say
let all the blossom come this way

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

who searches me, finds me

Remember these famous words! would have heard many a times, but have your ever burdened yourselves to worry as for whom are those words sayed. It's for you my dear friend, for you. When you search for yourself, you find it. Never tried? Try now, Search yourself and Find it. All the best... Good Luck...
meet you soon..

Who is this?

who is this
who calls me by name

who is this
who searches me in fame

who is this
who abides me

who is this
who always brights me

who is this
who follows and follows

who is this
who never sorrows and swallows

who is this
who is there

who is this
who is here

who is this
who never beckons

who is this
who never reckons

who is this
who tries to be

who is this
who cries to be

who is this
who lends and lends

who is this
who never accepts bends

who is this
who says and says

who is this
who bays and bays

who is this
who merges and emerges

who is this
who surges and searges

who is this
who finds and minds

who is this
who sees from behind

its you dear you
its you dear you!!

Heartiest welcome to you all

         It has been a long-long desire of yours that I should come to this medium of communication, so here I am. Actually this virtual medium of websites is much more familiar to the new generation. Well, good going, So now I'm also a part of this very phenomenal medium.
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